Alternatives to Glogster

Every year I get requests from teachers if we have a subscription to Glogster.  Though I am sure the Glogster has some uses in the classroom, it’s not a tool that I would pay for.  There are too many other free tools that do similar things.

To give Glogster the benefit of the doubt, I signed up for their 7 day trial.  Some features it offers are adding photos, videos and audio to an online poster (basically a website).  The site has library of images that students can use and you can take pictures, audio and video using your computer.  One feature I think teachers would like is the Class Feature. Teachers can add student accounts in the EDU version.  This feature gives you access to student projects.  I guess this would be good if you are having students all use the same tool; however, I am not a big fan of assigning everyone a project where they must use a certain tool.  Allowing students to choose how best to present what they learned is definitely best practice.  You will be amazed at what students can do if you don’t limit the tools they can use. 

Here’s another great article about some Pros and Cons of Glogster.

Here are a few alternatives to consider.


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