The New Google Sites Tutorial for the HW Site

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A Short Guide to Making Cool Infographics

One of my teachers wanted me to create a presentation on the best practices of creating Infographics.  His kids will be comparing the Native Americans with another native population around the world and one of their final project choices is creating an Infographic.  Here’s my little Go Animate movie Infographic Guide.  I used the new Whiteboard Animation feature which is super cool.  If you are interested in using this feature, here’s a link to a great tutorial.

Infographics by Laura Blair on GoAnimate

Resources for Design Thinking

Sometimes you don’t need technology to provide the best learning experience.  I realized this last month as I was giving a presentation at Schram Academy, a local school here in Chennai.

Since we were addressing teachers from all over South India, teachers that didn’t necessarily have access to technology, Carlina Fiordilino, Priya Venugopal and I had to think out of the box.  We decided to hop on the design thinking band wagon and introduce design thinking to India.  I was hoping we would start a movement, because India could really benefit from design thinking.

Our presentation went well and the participants were extremely excited about the hands-on prototyping step.  It was great to see teachers really get pumped up about problem solving.  After a successful run at Schram, we were asked to share out what we did for AISC’s mini-nesa presentations.  Sharing an idea like design thinking to passionate educators and having them really explore the idea hands on was so much fun.  Some teachers said that it was the most fun PD they had ever attended.  That was empowering.

So, I feel now that I should share this presentation with the world.  Maybe others can take these resources and make design thinking happen in their classroom or in their school.

Here is the site that I created for the presentation.  Please add your own resources by filling out the form on the Links page.  I really hope this can become a great resource for other teachers trying out design thinking in their classroom.

The Mama Tech Minute

Last week I got a request from one of my teachers to do a little movie each week showcasing ideas and tools for tech integration.  I guess she really liked the Digital Storytelling tool movie I did.  😉  So I’ve decided to embark on a Vlog project, the Mama Tech Minute.  I meet with grade level teams and we talk about what they are doing in the classroom and I try to give them ideas.  Most of the time I have to do a litle research and scour the web for ideas and tools.  I’ll be putting these ideas into this Vlog.  Wish me luck.  I’m not the best on doing anything every week, but I will try my best to keep this going.  Who knows, maybe I will get some Vlog followers.

Here is the first one and a link to my Middle School Weekly Updates.

So I’m going to use this post for the reflection on Week 3 in Course Four of COETAIL about the Present (Flipped Classrooms).  The Mama Tech Minute idea is basically the flipped classroom idea but for tech integration purposes.  It’s really hard for me to get around to everyone of my teachers to give them tips and advice.  Sending them a clip saves me so much time and it allows my teachers to watch it at the convenience.

I need to find more time to do this, more time to sit down and get all my cool app and integration ideas into a clip.