Choose Your Own Adventure Digital Storytelling

One kind of digital storytelling that I would love to try out with students is a “choose your own adventure” style project.  You-tube annotations make this kind of digital storytelling easy and fun.  With Youtube annotations, you can add hotspots and links into your video to make it interactive.  Here is a video about the different types of Youtube annotations.

Though this is a slightly silly movie to show students how to make a choose your own ending adventures, I think most kids would be quite receptive to it’s style.

Here is the amazing Youtube adventure these guys created.

I think this type of storytelling is super creative because you need to think up all different kinds of possibilities. It’s like having the kids write many stories in one.  I love the fact that by clicking one ending or another that it takes you to a different Youtube clip.  I hope to help a class do a project like this is the near future.  It just looks like so much fun.

Note: To see annotations, they must be on.  Please make sure they are on.

How To Add Annotations To Youtube Videos – Tutorial 2012

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