Using Vine in the Classroom

So today I had this really short conversation with one of my teachers, Ross, about his COETAIL project.  I hope this post encourages him to do this for his project because it’s a great idea.  Ross is an EAL teacher.  Earlier in the year, he put out a Vine video on FB of his kids doing something funny.  I remember commenting that he should use Vine in the classroom.  Today he mentioned that he was thinking about using Vine to make pronunciation videos for his EAL students and for this to be his COETAIL project.  I say go for it Ross!  What a great idea.  I felt it was such a good idea that I had to tell the world.

Vine videos loop and are perfect for students to hear and see the word being said over and over again. Please forgive my extreme close-up. Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 2.34.59 PM

Vine is an app that is available on most mobile devices.  Logistically I think Ross will have to make all the videos using his device because not all students have smartphones or iPads.  Also, it’s one of these social media sites that requires students to be at least 13 to have an account.  I guess the students could always use Ross’s account and device if they were to make their own.    Despite those limitations, you can embed the videos or email them which is quite handy.