The Diigo Ate my Baby

Don’t worry, my baby’s okay.  I’m just sitting in a meeting right now and Kevin, our tech director is doing a presentation on Diigo.  His first slide was the Diigo ate my Baby, and I thought it was hillarious.   Since I already know and use Diigo, why not share it on here.  It’s an amazing tool that helps you save, annotate, organize, share links on the web.

Hyperlinks make the Internet the amazing tool that it is.  The Intenet wouldn’t exisit without links,; hyperlinks make it the World Wide Web.  Diigo is a great tool to keep all these links organized so you can find them in the future.

Amazing Diigo Features

  • Highlight websites and it saves what you highlight
  • Take notes with Sticky Notes, these too are saves when you access the page again
  • Bookmark and save the pages you go to, add tags to keep them all organized

“Each bookmark you save will give you the direct URL, any tags you have added, when the bookmark was added, how many other Diigo users have bookmarked that page, the notes and highlights you made, and a link to the cached image.” -Tyler Manolovitz

  • Search your bookmarks or others public bookmarks.  This is a wonderful way to find new resources for the classroom
  • Collaborate with others by using the sharing and groups features.

Check out this great resource by Tyler Manolovitz that tells more about all these features.

Using Diigo in the Classroom

Students and teachers can use Diigo as a resource, but why not use it in lessons.  Using it as part of a lesson gets the students using all the different collaborating features and really teaches them how to use this wonderful tool.  Here are a couple links to cool lessons based around this tool.

I know there is a movie about a dingo who ate a baby, but I was curious to see where this originated.  Click here to learn about the real story of the “The Dingo who Ate the Baby.”  Poor baby and parents.

Bad Dingo
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