Learning from my Mistakes

I was just on Twitter and came across this page from @cybraryman1 “Learning from Mistakes” and love it.   This idea of reflecting about your mistakes really resonates with me and I want to create a whole series of blog posts like this.

So, in the past week, I have been interviewing with Jakarta International School for their MS tech coach position.  I’ve had three successful interviews so far and I am praying that I get offered the position.  During these interviews, many of the questions were about challenges and failures I have had in my career.  Though it was hard to talk about past mistakes, I realized that I have become better at my job because of these mistakes.

Photo credit: www.rebmormax.com
Photo credit: http://www.rebmormax.com

Mistakes are our best learning tools because they happen to us first hand.  Sure you can learn from the mistakes of others, and hopefully you will because you just can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.  But when they are your mistakes, they hit home, they change you and effect you.  Whether these mistakes are personal or professional, they always help you grow as a person if you admit your mistake and think how you could do things differently next time.

I’m definitely not perfect and I make mistakes all the time.  No one is perfect and people don’t want to work with people that think they are.  So embrace your mistakes, and share them with others so they can learn from you.

Photo credit: bernardmiranda.blogspot.com
Photo credit: bernardmiranda.blogspot.com