Infographics are so Cool!

I think Infographics are the coolest, newest development in online visual literacy.  On my Feedly Feed, I am subscribed to the Information is Beautiful Blog and the infographic they have been posting are incredibly interesting and beautiful, though some of them are a bit morbid.  Check out this one about the timeline of the Far Future, not the most positive outlook, but I guess it won’t matter to much to us in 100 quadrillion years.  What a neat infographic to look at when teaching kids about place value and huge numbers.  Just beware sharing this with elementary students; I remember freaking out in 4th grade when I learned of our planets fate it the distant future.

I love how boring facts and figures are brought to life in these online posters.  They are so neat to look at that readers continue to read it even though they have to scroll.   They are such an ingenious way to trick students into analyzing data or reporting out research they have done.

Our school has a subscription to Pictochart and I have encourage teachers to give this as an option for student projects.  Instead of having student write a 3 page report have them design an infographic full of the facts and information they learned.   I started designing a tech team inforgraphic with Pictochat so teachers would know who to contact in IT if they have a problem.  I found it easy to use, easy enough for upper elementary students to figure out.
Here are also a couple of projects that students have completed with this tool.

Do you have any ideas of how we could creatively use Infographics in the classroom?  Please share your ideas in the comments.