Final Project Brainstorm

I wanted to play around with creating an RSA style video so I made a very short one about my final project brainstorming.  This type of video creation is really popular with students right now.  Though my video is not all that, it was super easy to make in iMovie.

Here is an very interesting RSAnimate video I found about a study done on what motivates us.  It’s way better than my quick project.

So now to get motivated on creating this Digital Citizenship unit.  Actually it’ll be more like a Digital Citizenship curriculum for our school based on the tech standards that we came up with this year.  I plan to put it into Atlas Rubicon.  I also want to incorporate lessons and plans that I will use in next year’s Tech Boot Camp.  Tech boot camp is a two day technology orientation that all middle schoolers go through at the beginning of the year.  Last year was my first year doing this and it went really well.  It’s a great way for school’s that are 1-1 to get kids prepared to use their device efficiently and responsibly.